Dry Herb Vaporizers

Yocan Dry Herb Vaporizers are among the top dry herb vape pens the industry has to offer! Not only are their vaporizers of the highest quality, but they are extremely affordable. Each Yocan brand vape is designed to provide durability and long hour of vaping before having to recharge. Dry herb vaping has become popular over time due to the convenience these vape pens provide. It is extremely difficult to travel with a water pipe and enjoy a sesh, however vaporizers allow one to enjoy quick discreet seshes while on-the-go. 

Some of the most popular Yocan dry herb vapes we offer are the iShred and Evolve D Plus. The iShred is unique because it features a grinder at the bottom, which provides a storage area along with a grinder. As a result, one can load the vape pen and store the rest of their dry herb. The Evolve D Plus is the new and upgraded version of the Evolve D. The D Plus uses dual pancake coil with 12 wraps of wire, which creates an efficient heating system. Unlike the iShred, the D Plus doesn't have a grinder, but it does have a silicone storage screw on attachment at the bottom of the pen. 

Be sure to continuously check out our collection of dry herb vapes. As the leading retailers of Yocan items, we're proud to be able to introduce new items as soon as they're released.