Yocan Evolve-Plus Arsenal Tool Edition

Yocan Evolve-Plus Arsenal Tools Edition

  • $33.99

The Yocan Evolve-Plus Arsenal Tool Edition is another variation of the famous Evolve Plus Vaporizer. The Arsenal name came from the addition of the M-16 Arsenal dabber tool that comes with each kit. The tool is a sturdy titanium dabber tool.

The vaporizer itself uses a Quartz Dual Coil that does not have feature a coil cap. It also features a swing open top that is different from the regular Evolve Plus. Once the flap is swung open, the coils are exposed and you are able to load your materials. It still uses the 1100mAh battery the regular Evolve Plus utilizes and it also has the twist off silicone attachment on the bottom of the battery. The Arsenal Tools Edition provides the same functionality as the original, but with new convenient features.


  • Quartz Dual Coil
  • Flip Top Open Design
  • Built in Silicone Attachment 
  • Comes w/ Arsenal Tool + 2 Quartz Dual Coils
  • 1100mAh Battery 
  • USB Charger