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Concentrate Vaporizers

Yocan is well known for creating industry leading concentrate vaporizers also known as "wax vaporizers." The technology behind the Yocan brand has allowed the brand to be able to create high quality and affordable concentrate vapes. The brand continuously introduces innovative vaporizers to the market. Yocan concentrate vapes have become more and more popular over the years because they provide convenience, and are perfect for those who are continuously on-the-go.

Arguably the most popular concentrate vaporizer they've developed is the Yocan Evolve along with the Evolve Plus. The Evolve uses Ceramic Donut Coils, while the Evolve Plus uses dual quartz coils. Quartz coils provide a heating element that retains heat like no other and provides flavorful vapor from the device. The latest upgrade to the Evolve and Evolve Plus is the Evolve Plus XL Vaporizer. Unlike the Evolve Plus which uses dual quartz coils, The XL uses quad quartz coils. The quad quartz coils provide huge clouds of vapor. Be sure to continuously check out our concentrate vaporizers collection to find the latest Yocan vapes available.